MS-DOS 8.0 Patch for Windows XP, Vista or Seven


Unzip archive to any folder  and Run create8.bat. This batch file extract msdos 8 core: io.sys and from bootdisk image from  diskcopy.dll  in you Windows XP, Vista or 7. A bootdisk image was found in diskcopy.dll is a modified version of the Windows ME Bootdisk. Restore  io.sys(by replacing First 2048 bytes from original unmodified Windows Me OEM CD IO.SYS) and  the "Real-mode functionality" in same folder. Create new boot floppy image CORE8.IMA with Patched  IO.SYS and COMMAND.COM.

Decompressed & Reduced IO.SYS version 8.0  Size 130 832
Original  compressed            IO.SYS version 8.0  Size 116 736
Note: Decompress not work with 64-bit versions of Windows
IO.SYS LBA lesser fix ("phantom drive letter enumeration" bug) by Joe da Silva has been applyed for MS-DOS 8.0

The following text strings has bin replaced in all files:

"Microsoft(R) Windows Millennium" -->> "Microsoft(R) MS-DOS version 8.0"
"4.90.3000" -->> " 8.00 "
"Windows" -->> "MS-DOS "
"Millennium" -->> " "

You can  add Microsoft disk configuration tools include the format and fdisk commands to floppy image... This is a command-line tool to create a volume that uses the FAT32 file system. The tool creates a FAT32 volume with clusters that are aligned in an optimal way for later conversion to the NTFS file system. The Windows XP Corporate Deployment tools are available in the file on the Windows XP CD-ROM and Windows XP service pack CD-ROMs in the Support\Tools folder. Description of the Windows XP Corporate Deployment tools and documentation  -  
Run 2get_fdisk.bat. You can add to floppy image from 
Run 3getsyscom.bat. for download MS-DOS version 7.10 bootdisk and embed deversioned  in MS-DOS 8.0 bootdisk


Unofficial MS-DOS 8.0 Startup Disk creator - creates a MS-DOS Boot Disk with additional tools.


Volume in drive A has no label
Volume Serial Number is 2A87-6CE1
Directory of A:\

IO SYS 116,736 01-17-11 12:05p
COMMAND COM 93,040 04-18-05 5:54p
FDISK EXE 66,060 06-08-00 5:00p
FORMAT COM 50,055 03-25-02 7:52p
4 file(s) 325,891 bytes
0 dir(s) 1,130,711 bytes free



OEM string in bootsector, & fdisk.exe replaced by "MSDOS8.0"

MS-DOS version check has been removed from &

After  boot   type ver  from the Command Prompt


Microsoft(R) MS-DOS version 8.0
(C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1999.



MS-DOS [Version 8.00 ]

C:\>ver /r

MS-DOS [Version 8.00 ]
Revision A
DOS is in HMA


Ver command display true version of MS-DOS 8.00, not an Windows version.

Interrupt 30H (Get DOS version) return version numbers as follows:

7.0 Win 95
7.1 Win 95SE, 98
8.0 Win ME, XP

 This "adaptation is created as an essential step in the utilization of the computer program in conjunction with a machine and that it is used in no other manner" (17 USC Sec. 117 ), because modern computers are not equipped with floppy drives, you can boot MS-DOS 8.00 direct from HDD. If your computer can boot a usb flash drive, you can  download a MS-DOS boot diskette image creator and extract it to a usb flash drive.

Direct patch diskcopy.dll : diskcopypatch.bat - based on  old Real DOS-Mode Patch for Windows Millennium v1.3 By Reines [MFD] , 2000


Used Freware Tools:

cabextract 1.2 (C) 2000-2006 Stuart Caie a program that un-archives files in the Microsoft cabinet file format (.cab) or any binary file which contains an embedded cabinet file
jacevedo3 Posted Jan 1 2008 : "XPBTDSK.EXE ... a console application to extract the image from diskcopy.dll" 
Tormod Tjaberg gsar.exe - General Search And Replace -
Gilles Vollant Extract 
Rudolph R. Loew  IO8DCOMP.:  Decompressor for IO.SYS Version 8
Dariusz Stanislawek   DS File Ops Kit
Joe da Silva IO.SYS LBA fix for MS-DOS7.1
Mal Hrz HxD hex editor
Henrik Haftmann FilePatch 1.14

More about:   MS-DOS 8.00 ...



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